A list of 3rd party download sites and Softphone products is given below:

X-lite – Linux, Windows, MacOSX
Zoiper – Linux, Windows, MacOSX
Linphone – Linux, Windows, MacOSX, iPhone, iPod, Android

Sample Installation & Settings for X-Lite Softphone

Download X-lite (latest version) on your device from the link mentioned above. Once the setup file is downloaded, follow the instructions to complete the installation.

  • Once the application is installed, locate it on the taskbar menu, start menu, or the desktop. Open the softphone application to proceed.
  • For SIP account setup, click on the Account Settings in the Softphone app.
  • Under account settings, enter the user ID/pass in the relevant fields. For the domain field, enter the domain provided by us and click OK to start using the Softphone.
  • See more about our  Softphone Service

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