Softphone service is a telephone application based on software thus the name ‘Softphone.’ It is a combination of two terms: Soft and the Phone. The “soft” stands for the software while the phone means “telephone” or just “phone.” Together, it gives us the meaning of software phones.


Let’s have a brief look at our Softphone application:

  • A softphone app can be used to make calls and receive calls.
  • A softphone app can be used on any laptop/PC or computer device.
  • Network softphones allow free calls between them.
  • All the phone functions are allowed.
  • Allows encrypted calls as well upon request (extra costs).
  • The relevant application must be downloaded on Android and iPhone. Once the app is installed on the phone, scan the QR code shown on the account portal for account provisioning.
  • Allows integration of contact lists available on cellular devices.
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