We offer interactive text messages (SMS) to our clients!


  • Our service is based on the responses between the system and the end-user via SMS (text) messages.
  • This service is available in English and Hebrew. It also comes with a list of predefined answers/questions and resembles the “Tree” structure.
  • Once you have set up the tree options, all you have to do is to enter the virtual phone numbers list.
  • The SMS messages sent to the users can contain links, text, and many other options.
  • You can even branch out the questions and answers based on your needs.
  • Based on the reply of the end-user, they will be directed to the respective category present in the tree options.
  • The system also provides complete status reports for all the messages which are successfully forwarded to the destination and even those which were not received.
sms solutions

Usage Examples

  • For conducting polls.
  • For running a political campaign or for post/pre-elections.
  • Market campaign for the promotion of services and products.
  • Anything that comes to your mind…


Let’s look at an example to better understand this service:

To request service, please select the correct number associated with the animal:

For Dog, please press 1.

For Cat, please press 2.

For Rabbit, please press 3.

For Hamster, please press 4.

For Fish, please press 5.

Let’s assume that the customer selects option 2, which means “Cat.” Then the customer will be asked to select a particular service for the cat:

To buy cat food, press 1.

To buy cat toys, press 2.

To buy flea & tick treatment, press 3.

To buy chew toys for cats, press 4.

To buy straps and harnesses, press 5.


And so on…

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