We offer the service by using the SRTP and the TLS protocols, which allow the client-side server applications to communicate via an open network without worrying about tampering and eavesdropping. In case you do not know, SRTPs stands for “Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol” while the TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security.”

The TLS protocol is used when encryption is required for call signaling.

The SRTP protocol is used for encryption, call integrity, and authentication of messages.

technical details

The port requirements for the client-side router and firewall are mentioned below:

  • SRTP: The SRTP is 10,000-20,000 (10K-20K) and 50,000 (UDP).
  • TLS: The TLS value is 5061 (TCP).
  • On the client side, a total of 2 certificate files need to be installed. To establish a secure connection on softphone or IPBX, a .crt file and .pem file are required.

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