Take a look of the most common FAQ’s:

I can’t place an outbound call after the installation.

Please check your softphone app and ensure that it shows the “ready” or green color. If it doesn’t show that, it may be a temporary server problem. Wait for a few minutes and then try again.

If your softphone app shows an error message, ensure that the account details are correct.

What are the rules for calling the USA, Canada, and other countries?

To dial a number in a specific country, you need to daily the corresponding area code or prefix. For example, you need to dial 00 followed by 1 and then the state code and the number, for Example, 001 303 1001234.

To call in other countries, you need to enter the correct country code, city code, and number.

I am a user of the Vonage service. Can I use the gateway provided by them for making/receiving calls?

Yes, you can receive calls with no added costs to a supported device. But to achieve that, you must be able to use the account settings provided by us on your Vonage box in order to receive incoming calls.

What are the charges for Call Forwarding?

With our service, you have an option to forward all calls and SMS to a mobile or landline number. To temporarily set the option of call forwarding, please dial *73 from a supported device. For a permanent solution, you will be charged based on per-minute rates. Please look at our international call rates to get an idea about the costs.

How to change my settings of Voice Mailbox?

Dail the code *97 to access the settings of the Voice Mailbox. You can also modify the VM settings through our web portal using your username and password.


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