We offer dynamic call forwarding and diversion to our clients! To access these options, you can access the online portal to view or modify the call-forwarding and call-diversion options. These options can be changed by the end-user whenever they need them.

The features of our dynamic forwarding service are:

  • Ring Strategy – Ring First, ring by order, or ring all.
  • Ring Time – This option can be used to define the max ring time after which the call will be passed to the voice mailbox.
  • Forward to Skype – Dynamic forwarding option which forwards the calls up to 5 (defined) phone numbers.
  • Forward to SIP – It forwards the calls (incoming) to any external network SIP URI.
  • Forward to Phone – Forward the incoming calls to 5 phone numbers.
  • Forward to VoIP – Forward all incoming calls to 5 defined VoIP devices.
  • Cal Confirm – It prompts the call receiver to press 1 on their phone before connecting to the call.

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