Since we offer worldwide coverage (almost), you can also view the call rates of all countries (A-Z). We know that everyone has different requirements, and that’s why we focus a lot on providing custom solutions to our clients!

low cosr virtual number

Some of the benefits of our per minute call rates:

  • Our tariffs are worldwide regardless of your location.
  • No hidden costs, minimum charge, and even no bundling fee on a monthly basis!
  • You get to choose when you spend it at all times! You can also check your call records and remaining credit.
  • All of our call plans are classified as “Pay As You Go!” which means you can credit your account whenever you want!

You will be charged for a call in the following cases:

  • Upon placing a call to a number present on the external network.
  • When an incoming call is diverted/forwarded to a number residing on an external network.
* Calls per minute charges are presented in US$