We offer you more flexible control of your voicemail messages than any other company! Using our voicemail service, you can control your voicemail via email, web, or your own phone.

Listen to Messages

Now there is no need to use a phone when checking your voice mailbox! With our service, you can check messages online and even listen to them in audio format! This allows you to conveniently check your messages while present in any part of the world.

Email Notification

You also receive email notifications whenever you receive a new message in your voice mailbox! It allows you to get notified via email whenever you receive a new message and is very convenient.

In fact, you can even receive email notifications along with the audio messages which were sent to you! This allows you to listen to messages and even forward them to others via email. Another great thing about this feature is that you can also save the audio messages on your system for further reference or record keeping.

Easily Access Voice Mailbox

Our goal is to keep voicemail simple, and that’s exactly what you should expect from our service! With our voicemail service, you can check messages via phone or by calling your phone and entering your PIN code.

You can easily manage your messages from voicemail exactly the way you want them to be:

  • Check your messages using any internet-enabled device.
  • Receive emails along with audio messages as attachments.
  • All famous email providers are supported by our service! This means you can easily enable or disable this service with a single click.
  • Want to change your PIN code for voicemail access? That’s also a click away!

How to Check Voicemail

We offer access to our voicemail in three easy ways:

Via Phone: Enter your number and press the * button.

Via Computer: Use the internet to access your account portal.

Via Email: Receive email passages with audio attachments and other relevant information.

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