Now get local & virtual phone numbers from any country you want! A virtual number is not bound by any location and allows you to get a local phone number from any country you want! You can use a virtual number provided by us in a lot of different ways, such as: 

local numbers

Be A Local

  • Get a virtual number and receive incoming calls from a landline, SIP phone, mobile phone, or even Skype.
  • You can also make calls from a virtual number – The receiver will view your virtual number as a caller ID.
  • Your customers can also return your calls as if they are normal local calls.
  • You can get a local presence in multiple countries at the same time!

Receive Calls Anywhere

  • You can receive calls to your virtual number even if you are outside of the country!
  • All the incoming calls will be forwarded to a voice mailbox, Skype, landline, mobile phone, or a SIP phone of your choice!
  • You can also change your forwarding preferences any time you want.
  • Want to forward your cellular number to a different number? You can achieve that with a virtual phone number.

Save Money on International Calls

  • You can register a landline or mobile number using the online portal to your account.
  • When you call from a registered number, you will hear a dial tone. Then you can call your preferred destination.
  • We offer low and competitive call rates for any of your international communication needs (calls).
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