Affordable SMS solutions for any volume or any location! Our SMS services and solutions are available for registered users and can be accessed using our secure online portal.

SMS Service Account Options Include:

  • Real-time and online reports of all the SMS sent.
  • Send SMS to a single or a list of phone numbers.
  • You can also paste your own list of numbers from a 3rd party source.
  • All the non-delivered SMS can be resent from the online reports.
  • Long messages can be resized automatically to fulfill the requirement of number character count.
sms solutions
sms solutions

You can also integrate our API into your existing SMS solution and enjoy the following benefits:

  • We also reply to all the message statuses in real-time.
  • Depending on your specification, you can also assign some IPs to one billing account.
  • You can also link your IP to your account.
  • All the SMS can be sent via simple URL posting.

So are you ready to enjoy competitive SMS rates for all the popular and international destinations? Then contact us today to get started!

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