Want to manage your telephony customers by yourself? We have all the tools you need!


We offer a soft switch service for VoIP companies along with the end-user SIP and financial management. The system makes it easy for you to manage the telephony customers while also providing easy setup, financial management, settings modification, and real-time reports.

Overall, the system is more of a management tool and the ITC can assign the required PBX features to the end costumer when required. 

Let’s have an overview of our Agent Accout to better understand it:

ITC setup an Agent Account

  • Setting the commission of agent (%) which will be paid for the deposit of the customers.
  • Setting the call rates for the account – The paid commission will be paid and depend on the call rate.

Account Deposit from an Agent

  • The deposit amount will be shown in the “agent account”.
  • An agent account can also be loaded with money (deposit) using a Credit Card. The setting of the customer’s accounts is done by the agent or the ITC.

Setting up the Customer’s Account

  • The setup of the customer’s account is done by the agent or the ITC.
  • The options for setting up a customer’s profile are multiple and also support multiple billing methods.
  • New customer accounts can be treated with an initial balance or with zero balance.
  • ITC can also set up the customers’ accounts (a minimum number of 10 at once).

Calls Account Balance

  • Whenever a need arises, the agent can also make deposits to the accounts of the customers.
  • When the deposit is added to the customer’s account, the equivalent amount is deducted from the account balance of the agent and then added to the account of the customers.
  • The agent can also directly bill the customer.

Activities of Customers

  • The customers will make calls based on the call-rates assigned to their specific accounts.
  • The basic rate sheet (ITC) can also be used.
  • An agent can also assign a specific rate sheet for different customers.
  • Each customer account comes with an online portal and the usual options such as CallerID management, Call History, and so on.

Low Balance & Account Usage

  • Whenever a customer’s account has low balance, email notification will be sent to the customer automatically.
  • An agent can also move balance from the main account to the customer’s account.
  • A customer can also deposit money using Credit Card.


  • The commission amount can also moved to the account balance of the agent.
  • Once a customer account is deposited, only then the commission will be calculated.

If you have further queries and want details of our agent account, feel free to contact us.

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