Please have a look at the sample installation and settings guide for the “Blink Softphone” (once the application is installed, open it to proceed:

Account Setup

  • Click on “Add SIP Account” and enter the correct information provided by us.
  • Display Name = It can be any name of your choice.
  • SIP Address = This corresponds to your extension number.
  • Password = The password provided by us.
  • Click on the button which says “Add” to finish the process.

TLS & SRTP Setup

  • Click on the Blink (top bar) and go into the accounts menu.
  • Click on Manage accounts.
  • Open the Media tab and change the setting of sRTP encryption to mandatory.
  • Open Server settings and type the server IP in the Outbound proxy option. Also, change the Port settings and change the Transport to TLS.
  • Locate the advanced tab and click on it.
  • Click on browse to upload the certificate file provided by us. (.pem file)
  • Click on the Advanced tab and open the TSL settings.  Once again, upload a .crt file provided by us.

Save the settings to make it ready for use.

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