Encrypted Voice Calls

We offer encryption solutions for all customers ranging from small (individual) up to large businesses with all the resources they need! If you are looking for 100% encryption and security of your network-based communications, then you can rely on us!

encrypt phone
encrypt phone

With our service, you can get fully secured and encrypted communication methods between any network extensions! Have a look at some of the services we offer related to “Encrypted Voice Calls”:

  1. Encrypted Softphone: You can use a softphone application provided by us to make encrypted incoming/outgoing calls using your computer! (See more: softphone service)
  2. Encrypted Mobile: Through your existing data connection (GPRS), you can use an encrypted softphone connection for secure conversations and voice calls to any network of your choice. The softphone used in this service can be any brand you choose that supports all the standards such s the SRTP and TLS.
  3. Encrypted PBX: We offer secured TIP Trunk and encrypted calls to any IPBX of your choice. From termination to origination, we offer a full-fledged solution.

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