How to get a Virtual Phone Number

how to get a virtual phone number

Before you even think about it, remember that it is not a good idea to use your personal phone number for making business phone calls! It takes away your privacy and is not efficient and scalable! The solution lies in getting a dedicated phone number for your business, and one good option is to get a virtual phone number!

Some of the benefits that come with a virtual phone number include low cost, scalability, location independence, and tons of features such as call forwarding, voice messages, and even the option to share the number with multiple employees!

Furthermore, it is also easy to set up a virtual number for your business. Despite how it looks, you do not need to be a tech guru or have a lot of technical knowledge in order to use a virtual phone number. In fact, as long as you can download an app on your PC or mobile, you are all set!

How to Buy a Virtual Phone Number

Let’s look at different websites and service providers through which you can get virtual phone numbers:


When we talk about the top players in the virtual phone number market, the one who is standing at the top is the PBXME! Through this service, you can easily get a low cost virtual phone number from any country and can also effortlessly manage it through your mobile phone, computer, laptop, and so on.

A unique offering from PBXME is the voice calling, which is done over the VoIP protocol. Furthermore, mobile numbers can be selected from different locations, which means that you can get a local number from any country!

Some of the features which are a part of every Nextiva plan include auto attendant, call forwarding, voice mail to e-mail, call analytics, and so on.

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