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  • ITC will provide you a local telephone number in the requested location along with its accountsettings.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the number provided will be dual channels allowing for up to 2 simultaneous calls in/out going.
  • Incoming calls to your number will be considered a local call to the dialing party in the samelocation.
  • The monthly cost of service covers incoming calls to your number at a fixed monthly charge.

Call forwarding options

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SIP Trunk service

Calls account activation

  • Your cost of outgoing calls, or calls forwarded and answered on PSTN lines will be deducted from your online calls account balance.
  • Calls will be charged to your account according to our published rate sheet shown here: ITC Call Rate Sheet.
  • Calls between network’s extensions and SIP trunks are free.
Please select your account initial pre-paid balance amount:
  No outgoing calls or call forwarding to PSTN required

Yes, auto-refillmy account. When the account balance is lower then 5$, add 20$ to it and send me a confirmation byemail. (please un-check to remove this option)

Additional comments


  • Money deposited in the pre-paid account cannot be refunded and can be used for calls only.
  • All numbers are dual channels unless specified differently (permitting 2 simultaneous calls).
  • Minimum call duration is 30 seconds; 10 second billing cycles thereafter.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient balance in the account for outgoing calls.
  • Prices do not include VAT where applicable.
  • All prices are shown in US$ at a minimum exchange rate of 4NIS to 1US$ for services. Cost of calls will be charged according to exchange rate on the day of the invoice.
  • Using the service might require internet connectivity.
  • Our complete Terms Of Service can be found here.
  • This offer applies while supplies last.

Further information requested

Please have sales department contact me about these service by phone:

or by email:

Local access numbers to dial out from any phone (DISA).
Calls recording All/Incoming/outgoing/specific extensions.
International conference rooms with no per minute cost.
Smart dialer – A dialing system capable of calling a large preset list of numbers and deploy a selected script for the calls that get answered.
Dedicated Voice servers – self managed hosted servers customized to your needs and at your total control.
Agent account – manage my own VOIP clients on ITC platform including billing.

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