Following is PBXme business model and an explanation of all related expenses.

Each of the numbers in the marketplace has 3 types of related costs:
1. Setup cost – One-time cost, charged at the time of purchase.
2. Monthly cost – Fix monthly recurring cost, charged every month from
the date of purchase.
3. Minute cost – Some of the offered numbers have a per-minute cost
for incoming calls.

At the time of purchase, an additional 10$ call-deposit sum would be
charged.  This deposit is intended to cover the cost of incoming
calls, as well as the cost of calls forwarded to your selected phone
number destination.
– The per-minute cost of a call, per destination, can be found here:
– The cost of the call will be deducted from your account balance, on a
per usage basis.
– Once your account balance has dropped under 5$.  A low-balance
notification will be sent to your email address, requesting account
– You can select to make Auto-payment, each time a low balance
notification was generated.

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